Consultation Time & Specialty

The Out-Patient Department of the Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre, Hadapsar, Pune has extensive facility for consultation with expert Physicians. Prior appointment can be taken for consultation. Out-Patient consultation is usually in the morning 8:30Am to 1:00Pm and in the evening 4:30Pm to 9:00Pm. The patient needs to report at the Reception Counter of AHRC at 08.30Am. Patients should carry all papers and documents related to his ailment, such as previous clinical reports, pathology / laboratory reports etc. After registering the name, case history will be recorded by an Assistant Physician. Thereafter, the patient, along with the papers, can meet the Physician with whom an appointment has been confirmed. Out-Patient consultation is usually available on all days including Sundays. It would be better to take prior appointment for consulting them in order to avoid delays.

Our Super Specialities
Paralysis (Pakshaghat) Treatment
Frozen Shoulder
Slipped Disc(Vata Roga)
Arthritis(sandhi vatam or aama vatam)
High Blood Pressure(Rakta samvardhana)
Chronic Sinusitis
Asthma(Swasa roga)
Migraine(ardhav bhedaka or suryavarta)
Psoriasis(Charma roga)
Acne(Yauvana Pidika) when the follicles un can worsen the condition.
Kidney Stones(Asmari)
Diabetes mellitus(Madhumeha)
IIBS(Irritable bowel syndrome)/Grahani

Skin Diseases
Allergic Disorders

Wellness Programs
Natural Weightloss Program
Kaya Kalpa Chikitsa
Anti Ageing
Abhyanga therapy(Relax-detox therapy)tress nd revitalizes the body.
Rejuva(Vigor & Vitality)
Hair Problems
Kerala Massage Therapy
Post Pregnancy(Delivery) Care
Stress – Strain Management Program

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